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Disneyland Map-Get A Printable Map or App

Disneyland Map-Get A Printable Map or App

Locate all the attractions of Disneyland with your Disneyland map.  Click Here to get your printable Disneyland Map.

If you’re looking for an interactive Disneyland map for your iPhone or iPad, you can download your free app here.  This interactive map from iTunes provides you with GPS, wait times, zoom, compass and pictures to make navigating the park easy.  You can find all the attractions, restaurants and restrooms right from your phone.

If you are planning a trip to the happiest place on earth you will want to make sure that you don’t miss anything in this fantastical, magic place.  Having a map of Disneyland is the best way to navigate your way through the park.  This is especially true if you are a first time visitor to the park.

Keep in mind a few general tips when visiting the park and it will help make your day more enjoyable.  The tips below will help make navigating the park easier.

Be Early:  An early start will ensure you can visit your favorite attractions before the big crowds arrive.  Know what time the park opens and plant to arrive about thirty minutes before the park officially opens.

Do The Opposite of Other Guests:  What does that mean?  It simply means that you will be doing what most of the other guests won’t be doing.  Starting the day early is one way to do this.  Scheduling your meals off peak times will also help avoid long lines.  You may want to plan a late breakfast(11 A.M.), a late lunch(3 P.M.) or an early dinner(4 P.M.).  By doing this you can avoid long wait times for a table.  You should also use priority seating whenever it is possible.  If you be eating your meal at 5 P.M. then you should make your priority seating time for 4:30.

Shop for Souvenirs Early:  The majority of guests will be on Main Street shopping an hour before closing.  To avoid this congestion, do your shopping earlier in the day.  You will eliminate the long lines and crowds by taking care of your shopping needs early.

Start In The Back:  When you first enter the park you may want to use your Disneyland map and head for the attractions that are the furthest from the gate.  From the back you can work your way up to the front of the park.  Many guests will just start at the closest attractions.

Left is Best:  When there are two lines for an attraction, you should choose the line to the left.  It is just natural to go to the right so this is the option most people will choose.  You can save at least 10% of your time in line at each attraction by following this simple tip.

These tips, along with using your Disneyland map will really help you make the most of your time at the park and avoid the frustration that often comes with dealing with crowds.


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